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Relax and Unwind With Flotation Meditation in Scotch Plains, NJ

Are you looking for a way to invest in your health and wellness? Maybe you’re looking to relieve your stress, depression, anxiety, or pain. Whatever it is, we highly recommend that you try out flotation meditation. It’s a therapy method that you can depend on to relax, unwind, and feel at ease. ZEN Float Center is a center that provides this kind of therapy, and we can guarantee exceptional results each time. No matter how often you want to float, we provide you with the ideal environment to do so.

The Services We Offer

Floatation Therapy

Floatation Therapy
Floating is a type of salt flotation therapy that submerges you into a zero-gravity environment that is designed to help your body and mind relax, reset, and recover. You'll enter a tank or tent that is full of gallons and gallons of water, along with hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt. The salt has healing and relaxing benefits that can help you feel at ease.

Sensory Deprivation Therapy

Sensory Deprivation Therapy
Our floating tanks provide you with the sensory deprivation that you never knew you needed. There is no light or sound, which provides you with the ideal environment to meditate, clear your head, and more. You can enter a new state of being while floating. When deprived of your senses and lack of gravity pull, your muscle tension will ease up and more.

Wellness Services

Wellness Services
This therapy has a variety of wellness effects. It can increase the blood flow in your body, elevate endorphins and dopamine levels, relieve pain, reduce stress, maintain your sleep schedule, and even increase your creativity. We can customize your therapy to ensure that you're pleased with your session. Trust our center to provide you with the relaxing and wellness service that you need.
Couples Flotation

Why Choose Us

Our flotation relaxation services are ideal for anyone who may suffer from depression or other mental illnesses, athletes, those who are feeling overwhelmed, as well as anyone who wants to experience the positive effects of frequent floating. We provide our clients with all that they need to float in a comfortable and quiet environment. The size of our tanks and tents is large enough for people to stretch out and unwind comfortably. Our float spa in Scotch Plains, NJ is just what you need, and we can guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the services that we provide. 

How We Do It

Due to our brain’s workload, it often responds to natural factors such as gravity, temperature, light, and sound. This means that our sense organs are constantly active, and we remain in continuous conversation with external stimuli. When you get into a tank, you’ll be deprived of any senses, which will help your brain and body truly relax. ZEN Float Center is the center that you can turn to for couples flotation and more.

If you need professional and relaxing flotation spa services in Scotch Plains, NJ, just give us a call now to schedule your appointment!

Client’s Testimonial

by Alex Brown on ZEN Float Center
Great Services

I tried flotation meditation for the first time, and I was hooked after the first five minutes! It was so relaxing and soothing! I'm impressed with their services and their overall professionalism! It was a really great experience, and I'm definitely looking forward to doing it again soon! I highly recommend it.

ZEN Float Center
Address: 219 Park Ave Unit Center Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Phone: (908) 223-8357

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